Rental Fleet

We have a great selection of the top skis available today. Our fleet is made up of premium skis from Blizzard, Kastle, Stockli, Head, and Fischer.  We are the only Stockli dealer in Oregon, and one of the only 2 Kastle dealers; both brands are as good as they come, the Ferrari and Lamborghini of the ski world.

Blizzard Brahma: revised for 2017, updated with a new flex pattern, carbon at the tip and tail.  The result is a great ski becoming even better: sweet spot grows in size, the ski is lighter, has even more ridiculous edge hold, and is perhaps the best do-it-all ski at this price point on the market.

Blizzard Black Pearl: the number one selling ski in America is back for 2017, and updated with a better flex pattern, lighter weight, and carbon tip and tail. Edging power and grip has been improved, yet the ski is more forgiving than ever before. Truly the best one ski quiver for women on the market.


Blizzard Bonafide: for 2017, the Bonafide is updated with the same changes that the Brahma and Black Pearl receive: carbon tip and tail, resulting in a ski with a lower swing weight, bigger sweet spot, and even more lateral grip.  This is the ski for blasting crud and ripping groomers, on or off-piste.  One of the best selling skis in the world for the past 5 years.

Fischer KOA: a great ski for the improving intermediate to expert woman.  Light, with carbon throughout, and just enough of a wood core to keep the ski damp and glued to the snow.  Perfect tip rise to keep you out of junky crud, but with tons of bite for hard snow situations.  Extremely versatile, a crowd pleaser.

Head Monster 88: 2 sheets of metal backed up by a wood core and proprietary damping gizmos: the Monster 88 is an easy to ski powerhouse that will blast through any snow situation, yet reminds extremely forgiving and light on it’s feet.  Suitable for upper intermediates and above.

Stockli Laser AX

Stockli Stormrider 97

Stockli Stormrider 88


Our “Sport” model is the Head “The Link” ski. It has a very forgiving flex, nice and wide tip to keep you out of junky snow. It’s extremely easy to initiate, with great grip on hard snow, and a perfect tool to grow with, suitable for beginners just beginning to wedge, up  to less aggressive upper intermediates who are linking turns fluidly.

Our junior rental ski is the Head “Souphead”.  A junior twin that is a great learning tool for beginners, yet can be skied aggressively by accomplished little rippers.   Fun little twin tip for those wanting to experiment riding switch.



Stockli Laser AX: perhaps the preeminent frontside all-mountain ski available on planet Earth.  Swiss Made, with the precision manufacturing and design philosophy found in an Audemars Piguet watch (rumored to be an investor in the brand), the Laser AX is stunningly capable in any condition.   Most everyone we have put on this ski has gone on to order one.  It features cutting edge (and very Swiss) technology: custom perforation of the titanium laminate, a bespoke gluing process that uses 30% of the glue normally found in ski production: race stock bases, the highest grade of wood cores available, and a new “turtle-shell) flex pattern that flexes longitudinally yet stiffens laterally while on edge.  The result is a ski that rips like a GS ski on hardpack, has a top end that is well above “get your pass pulled” speed, crushes any crud in it’s way, yet has Fred Astaire fluidity in tight spaces and bumps.  It’s 79mm underfoot with the versatility of a nearly 90mm ski underfoot, yet could be run as a cheater GS stick.  There is nothing currently better for a do-it-all frontside tool for versatility.  167/175/182cm

The new Stormrider 97 is an eagerly awaited big-mountain tool from Stockli. Building upon the legendary Stormrider 88, the new 97 adds a bit of width, world-leading Swiss construction techniques which keep weight ridiculously low for a ski this capable, and a huge sweet spot.  Combine this with the very affordable (for such a premium ski) $899 price, and the Stormrider 97 will show up in a lot of quivers this winter.  It is incomparably smooth, light on it’s feet, laterally stiff, and hooks up with a ton of power.  It doesn’t feature the carbon of it’s big brother the Stormrider 95, and therefore is a great choice for the lighter skier too, one that wants a groomer ripper but a ski that can slay deep snow and go head to head with the best backcountry skis on the market.  Available in 170/177/184.