Rental Fleet


2017 Cannondale Trail 20

For those ready to step up to the freedom and expanded range that gears provide, the light and zippy Trail 20 is the perfect option. Its lightweight alloy frame, 6-speed gearing and rugged suspension fork tame trails from park to playground. Perfect entry into the world of geared bikes: hand brakes only. Not compatible with training wheels.


2017 Cannondale Trail 24 

The Trail 24 is a budding mountain biker’s best bet. A lightweight, race-inspired frame, a 40mm suspension fork and easy-to-use 7-speed gearing mean that it is ready for some serious off-road adventuring. All multi-speeds are compatible with hand-brakes only, no coaster brakes available.


2017 Trail 20 Single-Speed

Sporting a smaller frame than the geared Trail 20, the single-speed Trail 20 is an ideal bike for that transition period between the training wheels and a fully geared, off-road machine. Just the thing for learning those sweet coaster brake skids. Also compatible with training wheels if necessary.

2017 Trail 16 Single Speed

Start them off in style! With its 16″ wheels, lightweight alloy frame, tapered fork blades and race-inspired graphics, the smooth-riding Trail 16 will have them dreaming of singletrack stardom. Especially once those training wheels are gone. Also compatible with training wheels if necessary

Townie Electra 7D

Not for nothing is the classic Townie Electra 7D the best selling bike in the United States. Upright, relaxed, with perfect geometry for cruising the trails in Sunriver and getting around town: it is the last bike many of us will ever buy. The Townie features a very light chassis and perfectly dialed handling, and is an exceptional value. Plenty of cool colors to choose from!

The Townie is also available for rental and reservation in the Go! 8 speed model. Give us a call if booking one sounds like a fun time this summer!

Electra Classic Cruiser

The one-speed cruiser by which all others are measured. Available in multiple sizes, colors, and gender-specific models, the Electra is the most popular beach cruiser on the planet. If relaxing and enjoying watching the world go by is your idea of a real vacation, the Electra Cruiser is unbeatable. It is also our most affordable rental.

For those of you who own rental units and would like to supply them with loaner bikes, we offer special pricing on purchases. Instead of supplying some junker from Wal-Mart that is constantly slipping gears and in danger of spontaneous combustion, why not treat both your guests and yourself?  You will get more referrals and return customers at your rental unit while saving yourself future headaches related to poor quality bicycles. 

Trek Verve

The Trek Verve is the quintessential Sunriver around-town bike. It features a basic but thorough 21-speed drivetrain, comfortable seat, wide 700c tires. Simple and easy to ride, the Verve can get you anywhere within the complex, as well as down to Benham Falls and back

Trek Dual Sport and Neko

Redesigned for 2018, the Dual Sport and Neko now feature disc brakes and updated geometry. A classic “do everything” hybrid, they feature 700c tires for lack of rolling resistance, yet semi-knobby tread and a suspension fork, which enhances the Dual Sport’s off-road chops. It is the most versatile bike we sell, and the perfect bike for many of our Central Oregon customers. Comfortable yet efficient, it does triple duty as town bike, a commuter, and a light gravel and dirt bike.

2017 Adventure 3

The Cannondale Adventure 3 is the perfect Sunriver paved path bike. It is light and smooth, featuring a 24-speed drivetrain and one of the most comfortable seats on the market. Putting a lot of miles on the Adventure during your vacation in Sunriver will be a highlight of your vacation! If you plan on tacking dirt trails however, look at the mountain bike options; the Adventure is dialed for pavement.

2017 Cannondale Catalyst and Foray 3 Mountain Bikes

The Catalyst and Foray are perfect for cruising the trails around Sunriver; both paved and singletrack dirt. This is a great bike to tackle the Benham Falls trail on, as well to spend the day sampling our 35-mile trail network. It is a solid yet simple entry-level mountain bike.



2018 Trek Marlin and Skye mountain bikes

The perfect entry-level, trail worthy hardtail for all of your Sunriver adventures. The Marlin and Skye are just as much at home cruising the bike paths as they are exploring the Deschutes River Trail to Benham Falls and beyond. Featuring modern wheel sizes and modern disc brakes, the Marlin and Skye is the go-to bike for sampling a bit of everything Sunriver has to offer.


Cannondale Cujo 2

The Cujo is Cannondale’s entry into the modern, technical trail hardtail world of plus bikes. The Cujo is an eye-opening bike at this price point: It can handle any trail; fast singletrack to rough and tumble technical black diamond rock infested singletrack. The 3-inch plus tires are unmatched in the confidence they inspire; the comfort they offer, and the traction they put down. If you need the capability of a full-suspension but can’t get into the true entry-level price point of $3,000; a plus-tire hardtail is far and away your second best option. Be sure and spend some time setting up the tire pressure; it is absolutely key to enjoying the ride of any plus-sized bike.

Trek Stache 7 29er Plus (29+)

The Trek Stache 7 is perhaps the ultimate trail hardtail available. It gives a rider the capability of a 29er full suspension, traction that exceeds any non-fat bike on the planet, and the responsiveness of a hardtail, all while being lighter and much more responsive than a full suspension at this price point. It is the ultimate trail bike for those on a budget, and wildly popular for a very good reason. Trek has sold out each of the past 3 seasons with the Stache, the 29er+ is revolutionizing hardtail mountain bike capability.


Fuel EX8 and Fuel EX9, Fuel EX Women’s 8

The world’s best loved mountain bike gets a major capability boost for 2018. More travel, more relaxed geometry, more stability, more control on the roughest trails. The jack-of-all-trades bike is back, and better than ever. Need one bike to do everything? This is your ride. Available in 27.5, 27.5+, and 29er wheel sizes. Bikes designed to ride every trail, and ride all day simply don’t get better than the Fuel EX platform.



2018 Trek Remedy 7/8/9 RSL

The 2018 Trek Remedy is the mountain biker’s mountain bike. 27.5″ wheels, an aggressive geometry, and a wealth of technical features make a bike that scores tens for capability. This is the bike that handles everything from Tyler’s Traverse to long lift-served days at Mt. Bachelor.  Superbly capable, a true “big trail bike” combined with a shuttle-friendly Enduro platform.  150mm of travel, capable of fitting up to 2.8″ tires.  




Trek X-caliber 9 and Cali SL 

Caution: X-Caliber will get you hooked on Central Oregon mountain biking and beyond. It is the perfect platform for our typically fast, less technical trails. A great price point entry into the world of “real” trail-worthy mountain bikes. Light with perfect trail geometry, relaxed handling, 29” wheels, powerful brakes, and a “real” suspension fork up front, it is unbeatable for a go-anywhere hardtail.


Cannondale Synapse Carbon Disc 105: the classic endurance road geometry bike from Cannondale: it is designed for everything from spirited group rides to gravel grinders and long days on dirt roads. Nothing is smoother and more comfortable in this category: with responsive yet neutral handling, the Synapse has long been the class leader in the endurance road category. The Disc 105 features a compliant yet stiff carbon frame, 22-speed drivetrain, and powerful yet light hydraulic Shimano disc brakes.

2018 Trek Domane SL5 Disc: brand new! Just released, the Domane SL5 Disc is perhaps the most advanced road endurance bike ever created. The Iso-Speed decoupler in the headtube isolates the fork from the frame, resulting in a ride bearing an uncanny resemblance to a short-travel front suspension fork. The overall frame is incredibly smooth, and new for 2018, the Domane Disc model accepts up to 35mm file-tread tires, making it a premier choice for both road and gravel events.



Torker Tristar Tricycle:


Perfect for anyone looking for cargo carrying capability on their trip as well as a rider who does not have the balance necessary to ride a 2-wheeled bike. These are reservable; Village Bike and ski has a fleet of approximately 3 available to reserve for your vacation.

Electric Assist Townie GO! 8 men’s and women’s

The all-new Townie GO! Is your perfect pedal-assist e-bike for Central Oregon adventures. With a range up to 100 miles and a pedal-assist up to 20mph, the Townie is comfortable, easy, and stylish way to get around Sunriver. We have a fleet of pedal-assist e-bikes available to reserve: give us a call!

Burley Trailer: the double Burley Encore is a great way to get the little ones around town. They are light and roll well, as effortless as pulling kids along can possibly be.

Trek Tag-a-long:

do you have a little one ready to ride a bike but that can’t quite keep up due to short legs and small wheels? The MT201 Tag-a-long is the answer. Light, easy to use, and attachable to any bicycle, the MT201 is the standard for making a single bike a kid-friendly tandem.