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MTB Sunriver

With hundreds of miles of singletrack within a short drive of Sunriver, picking a ride can be overwhelming.  Here are a few of our favorites near by.  This list just scratches the surface.  Come by the shop if you want to talk trail conditions or other rides in the area.  We are always eager to help find the ride for you.

Deschutes River Trail

Stretching ~15 miles between Sunriver and Bend, the Deschutes River Trail descends 500' ft from Sunriver to Bend and makes a great one way trip to the breweries in Bend (taxi service available back to Sunriver) or an out and back ride. The trail is designated as a Wild and Scenic trail and follows the banks of the Deschutes closely the entire way. You will pass Benham Falls, Dilon Falls, Big Eddy rapids, and Lava Island on the way. The trail is great for all ability levels but gets slightly more challenging as you approach Bend. Challenges for skilled riders can be found sprinkled throughout the trail but they are easily avoided by less experienced riders. Starting at the Village Bike and Ski Shop, the fastest riders can make it into Downtown Bend in 1.5 hours. If you are not familiar with the trail and planning on stopping some of the numerous view points, plan on 2.5-4 hours for the ride. A map, which is helpful but not an absolute necessity, can be found here at the Village Bike and Ski Shop. Don't forget bug spray in the evenings. Although enjoyable all day, mornings and evenings are best to avoid foot traffic as the trail is popular for hikers as well, especially as you get closer to Bend.  The trail starts at circle 7 and ends at the Entrada Lodge in Bend.  A bike path will take you the rest of the way into Bend from there.

Tyler's Traverse

One of the newest trails in the Bend/Sunriver area's is Tyler's Traverse. The trail was almost entirely machine built and is chock full of berms and rollers and offers one of the longest continuous descents in the area. Some challenges and optional airtime exist on the upper portion of the trail but this trail is enjoyable for all ability levels.  All but a small portion in the middle is designated as downhill only so feel free to let 'er rip.  The climbing route parallels closely but is separate.


To access Tyler's by bike, ride from Sunriver to Benham Falls on the the Deschutes River Trail.  At the Benham West parking area begin climbing up a gravel road.  When you reach the intersection with Rd. 41 (asphalt) you will see the Tyler's Trailhead and you begin the ride from there.  By car, head west from Sunriver towards Mt. Bachelor.  A couple miles after crossing the river, look out for Forst Rd. #41 on the right.  Turn in here and continue a bumpy 15 minutes.  when the road turns to asphalt you have arrived and will see the trailhead on your left.

Wanoga Complex Trails

The Wanoga Complex is the newest riding area in the Bend/Sunriver area. These trails feature modern design with great flow and a playful feel. You will find a mix of high speed flowing single track and rocky technical riding. Jumps, berms, drops are all common on the trails here but the trails are designed for a wide range of ability so you will not find any mandatory air here. At high speed, the trails become more advanced. The Wanoga Complex is the home of the Oregon Enduro race courses and most of the trails here are designed to maximize downhill enjoyment but, with the exception of Tyler's Traverse, can be ridden in either direction. Funner, Tiddlywinks, Larsen's Trail, Tyler's Traverse, Dinah-Moe-Humm and Storm King are some of the trails in the area. There are many loop options and access points. Stop by the shop and we can point you to the best access and trails to hit for the wants, needs and ability of your group. The signage is good in this area but a map is helpful because there are lots of intersections.

Swampy Lakes...

One can make tons of fun loops starting at Swampy Lakes. Come grab a map and design your own ride. The riding here has some challenge but is fun for most everyone. You can connect to dozens of trails from here for unlimited possibilities. This area is especially good when other more popular areas get loose and sandy late in July and August.  Low traffic and great dirt quality make this a late season go to. Come by the shop and we can recommend a good loop for the interest, ability and endurance of your group. The Flagline loop described below is the crown jewel of the area. It is long, incredibly scenic and all on pristine singletrack.

Flagline Loop

This ride can be started from several different trail heads but Swampy Lakes is most convenient from Sunriver and allows you to end on an amazing descent you will be replaying in your dreams for weeks.

Start out on a gentle climb out to Swampy Shelter, a couple miles from the trailhead. From there you will descent the blistering fast South Fork trail. The steep gradient of this 3 mile descent makes it a local favorite. When the blur of tree trunks wizzing by subsides at the bottom of the Tumalo Creek Canyon, you will find yourself at Tumalo Falls. Many make the drive out just to see this monster waterfall but you are going to ride up stream and see 10 more falls as you grind up, in my opinion, the most enjoyable climb in Central Oregon. The trail is relatively steep but very rideable and stays in the canyon close to the icy waters of Tumalo creek keeping it cool on even the hottest days. You will soon reach Happy Valley, and idyllic meadow full of wildflowers and songbirds, complete with a picturesque creek running through the middle of it all. From there, the climb continues on the Metolius-Windigo trail through ancient fir, spruce and hemlock forest until it reaches the alpine meadows below Broken Tops jagged peaks. Traverse these meadows and one more short climb brings you to the top of one of the choice pieces of single track in the land. The Flagline descent is the stuff dreams are made of. A 4 mile ripping descent brings you back to the Swampy shelter and an easy pedal back out to the car. This ride is nearly 25 miles and has lots of climbing. It takes many groups as much as 6 hrs so bring food and lots of water. This loop as described includes the Flagline trail which is closed until August 13th to protect elk calving habitat. Much of the ride can be done before this short section opens. If you visit before mid August, come by the shop and we can show you how to make enjoyable loops in the area while respecting trail closures. Bringing a map is pretty much mandatory for this one as there are many turns.

Edison to Sunriver Shuttle

This ride is more of a point to point than a true shuttle. You will do quite a bit of pedaling and a lot of descending on this ~17 mile ride that starts at Edison Butte Sno-Park and ends at your door (or on a stool at the Sunriver Brewing Company). You will ride Dinah-Moe-Humm, Kiwa Butte trail, Tyler's Traverse and the Deschutes River Trail on your way back to Sunriver. Great views, low traffic and incredible single track is what you can expect on this ride. Some grinding climbs, hundreds of fast swooping corners and even some air to be had if you choose, make this ride one of the shop favorites. If you don't mind punishment, you can extend this ride to start at Lava Lake on the Cascade Lakes Highway. This will add ~10 miles and ~1300ft of wonderfully rocky and technical climbing and descending to your trip. Map is highly recommended for this ride and can be found here at the Village Bike and Ski shop.

Edison to Lava Lake (Out and Back)

This is a variation of the previous ride. You will start at Edison Butte Sno-Park and ride up and over the saddle between Kwolh Butte and Sheridan Mountain. On the other side you will rumble down one of the most rough and rocky descents in the area. The descent is continuous and an absolute blast for experienced riders. Full suspension is recommended if you like to ride fast and want to keep your fillings. You will end up at the Lava Lake resort where you can grab a refreshment and a quick swim before you do it all backwards. Both directions are tons of fun. Out and back, this ride is about 20 miles with a good bit of climbing. This trail does see a lot of down tree blockages each winter so check with us before you head out. The only thing that can stop you from having a good time on this ride is 50 down lodgepole pines.  Be sure to bring a spare tube, the ever present lava rock is not forgiving.

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