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Light weight and comfortable nordic gear from Fischer. These skis are best for well tracked and machine prepared areas like Mt. Bachelor, Virginia Meissener, and here in Sunriver. The narrower width and tapered tips help you stay in the tracks and glide with maximum efficiency


These skis are slightly wider, have metal edges, a larger traction patch, and a small sidecut. If you want to blaze your own path, are heading to steeper terrain, or may encounter tricky snow conditions these are for you.


Simple operation and bullet proof construction make our MSR snowshoes the best money can buy (or rent).  We have size to accommodate toddlers up to NFL linebackers.  We also have extendable pole available.  These will come in handy if you plan on venturing into deep snow or uneven terrain. 

Burley Wee Ski Trailers

We also carry Burley Trailers equiped with skis and a harness to pull the little ones along while you ski or snowshoe.

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