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Village Bike and Ski is the premier ski and board tuning shop in Sunriver.  We feature race-quality hand waxes, base grinds, and edge work, in addition to a full menu of repair jobs for those unexpected lava rock encounters.  We also offer repair and wax service for both wax-able and waxless nordic ski models. 


Overnight service is available.


Our Hot Wax and Scrape prep brings optimum glide performance to your skis or snowboard.  The gear is brought up to room temperature; once at room temp, wax is ironed in and fully allowed to cool.  Once cool, wax is scraped off, and the ski is brushed to remove additional wax from the structure.  A hot wax by hand is the only way to truly prep a ski for optimum glide, this wax prep will last for several ski days.  In comparison, a cheap 5-minute rub-on wax job last a few runs.  Please allow 90 minutes to complete: it is best to drop off skis the night before for a wax.  


If your ski is new or your base hasn't been cleaned in awhile, we recommend a hot scrape.  The hot scrape involves ironing a lot of wax into the base and scraping it off while still warm. This fills the base with wax and expunges any contaminants that have built up over time. This is the standard prep procedure for any race or premium ski.  

SKIS (alpine, XC, skate) $15


HOT SCRAPE: $5 per pass.  


Also known as a mini-tune, the edge and wax service combines our signature hot wax and scrape with edge prep.  Skiing with sharp, accurately beveled edges is essential; otherwise, the ski will not edge and release as designed.  The $25 tune includes a machine edge; for an additional $10, we offer a more accurate hand edge.   





New skis often don't come mounted, and Village Bike and Ski is equipped to mount most any binding.  Just bring your binding, ski, and boot down to the shop.  We also perform a function test service to ensure boot-binding compatibility and safety; skis picked up at the ski swap should always be brought in for a function test to confirm binding functionality.  Its important to have all skis function tested every few years, as bindings can go out of spec and become less reliable over time.  Pro Tip: extend the life of your bindings by minimizing the binding's DIN at the conclusion of the ski season. 

Binding Mount  $50

Function Test   $30


A base should be ground either once a season or every 10 days on the hill to maintain optimum glide performance.  Our specially prepared stone will flatten your bases, expose fresh base material and replenish the structure. A flat base also translates to smoother, more predictable edge to edge transitions.  If your base is starting to look white or grey, or the snow is beginning to feel like velcro, it is time for a base grind to eliminate the dried-out, friction damaged base material.  


FULL TUNE (base grind, edge, wax)  $50

FULL HAND TUNE (grind, hand edge, and wax) $60

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